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The Easy Reach's prototype was stress-tested in an accredited laboratory and used in a two-month pilot study at Deacones Health South Rehabilitation Hospital. Bret Hirt, The Regional Director of Outpatient Therapy, indicated that the Easy Reach helped the cleanliness of the area, making it easier on housekeeping. He also noted that it required less assistance, because the patient can be be wiped from the side while seated, instead of having two or even three aids helping with lifting and cleaning. Health South found tremendous value in the product resulting in the CEO pre-ordering units.

We Have had a lot of success with the Easy Reach at our facility, which serves individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. It has allowed numerous individuals increased independence with restroom use while assuring safe and optimal positioning.               

                                                              -Erin Y. 


Yesterday, 7/8/2019


This Easy Reach Toilet Seat has changed my life! We have only 1 restroom for 6 people, we leave it installed all the time my 3 and 5 year old have a fold-able step stool to get on and off it that hangs on the wall. It’s actually pretty awesome because it sits right next to my shower chair and for it being a cramped bathroom I’m able to get on the chair do my bowel care with ease and then slide right onto my shower chair and shower then after the shower I slide right back onto my easy reach and then back onto my wheel chair! Now the nitty gritty part that no one likes to discuss is how you do your routine I have to do digistem with gloves and lube to poop, obviously I don’t want to drop the glove in the toilet but with the gap between the toilet and the seat I can get my hand with glove on back out without a mess. It’s also very easy do the enemas! I get on the toilet at a 90 degree angle with no problem and I have no bars to stabilize me. All I’m saying is that if this system works in my house it will work in yours too I guarantee it. I love this system and will be buying another one for my travels. My Dad has ordered one for his bathroom in Florida so when I get there I don’t have the struggle! The Owner of this company I just spoke with and he made me feel important much love to you sir -Gray